Sometimes you need to hear a record a few times before it clicks.

Sometimes you don’t get more than 30 seconds in before asking “Just who the fuck made this?”

That’s what happened with LoFi Freq’s Lost In The Wires — and it was in a good way. The latest Detroit Underground instant classic album begins with the appropriately titled “Drifting” — a hypnotic soundscape, less a track or song than a meditation. LoFi Freq, aka Nathan Kampf, took half a minute to convince me this was edifying music and I was hooked.

There are 18 tracks on Lost In The Wires; many are short with a few coming in under 2 minutes in length. Saturated waves and disembodied bass rise up out of the black ether, coalesce around a groove and dissipate of their own momentum. This is exquisite for listening, even in its harsher, grittier moments and quite often achieves a state closer to nirvana than most of us will get on our own.

LoFi Freq: Lost In The Wires LP (Detroit Underground / October 2020 / Digital)
1. LoFi Freq: Drifting (01:53)
2. LoFi Freq: Jetlag (01:36)
3. LoFi Freq: Ot hiphop (03:06)
4. LoFi Freq: BitCrusher (03:50)
5. LoFi Freq: Pimpin_Glitches (02:41)
6. LoFi Freq: Low End Trap (05:53)
7. LoFi Freq: Zone (02:37)
8. LoFi Freq: RYTM Steppa (06:59)
9. LoFi Freq: FOE Beat Battle RMX (01:20)
10. LoFi Freq: Granular Hiss (02:34)
11. LoFi Freq: Epic Trek (08:03)
12. LoFi Freq: Analog Soul (04:16)
13. LoFi Freq: Emerald Shadows (05:06)
14. LoFi Freq: Numb (01:33)
15. LoFi Freq: Db Dubstep (02:03)
16. LoFi Freq: Lush Mystics (03:37)
17. LoFi Freq: Doppelganger (04:25)
18. LoFi Freq: Heartbeat (02:43)



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