We need to secure a place on the dancefloor for works of sheer beauty like this. r2’s latest leads with “Roy” constructed around a long virtuoso jazz guitar courtesy of Hideki Ikeuchi. The chords, drums and bass form a delicate scaffolding for Hideki’s soaring, swinging performance. Nine minutes is a long time for an instrumental to play out but I don’t believe anyone wishes this one to end. Chicago’s Abicah Soul fuses Hideki’s jazz with an Afro-Latin beat and bump on remix duties.

Loftsoul x Miruga: Roy EP (r2 Records)
1. Loftsoul: Roy feat. Hideki Ikeuchi (09:10)
2. Loftsoul: Roy feat Hideki Ikeuchi (Abicah Soul Remix) (07:19)
3. Loftsoul: See Line Woman feat. Fae Simon (09:21)


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