We’re not supposed to have biases but I fucking love this label and they’ve returned it unconditionally by making nothing but spectacular records. Deep Club is the house label (pun unintended but appropriate) belonging to the eponymous club in Denver, exposing me & mine to some leading talents coalescing in the area.

“House Is A Tunnel” by Lone Dancer is an orchestra of blasted drums, vulcanized chords and a hook as enigmatic as an alien transmission. “PO12-3” is, in a bizarre way, one of the most catchy songs I’ve ever heard. You know how little bits of TV themes and songs you don’t even remember listening to kind of animate and pace the dull parts of your day? This track has throughly infiltrated my consciousness in that manner. It’s seriously addicting, like a pop song tossed into an amplified wood chipper until all the sweet parts come out all jagged but still hauntingly familiar.

The first side is dubbed Communication. On the flip is Transportation, two techno tracks that replicate the feeling of being pleasantly steamed out of your body and even more pleasantly drifting back in. “Colony Dwelling” charts the journey of stretching toward that infinite piece of blue sky. “Floor,” which takes you back, is maybe the most groovy track on here: rough, raw, stuffed full of shimmy and shake.

The final track, “Night Rain” is House Is A Tunnel’s heavy toke for the come down: not quiet beatless but irregular, dominated by waves of whining synths that dissipate into a gentle, ambient fuzz. It has no purpose on here except to complete the journey. There is no commercial advantage to this four minute audio quaalude. And things like that are why I love this label and the artists on board.

Lone Dancer: House Is a Tunnel (Deep Club)
A1. Lone Dancer – House Is A Tunnel (05:12)
A2. Lone Dancer – PO12-3 (06:04)
B1. Lone Dancer – Colony Dwelling (04:58)
B2. Lone Dancer – Floor (04:54)
B3. Lone Dancer – Night Rain (03:48)


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