Lone Dancer signs up again with Jacktone, which released his debut album just over a year ago. And with the formalities out of the way oh my God this is a head rush. “Void Simulation X1” is the main track and alternates somewhere between shattered techno and hyper-rhythmic EBM – like if Einstuerzende Neubauten got a really proper remix from a real proper DJ. It’s remixed by Bocaj who discovers a few brutally distorted vocal samples to bury in the mix in a surprisingly straight-forward if sinisterly corrupted deep house track.

This may be the first time I’ve written about Jacktone but not the first time I’ve tried. It’s a label I follow on Bandcamp and in my iTunes collection but which I’ve just had a hell of a time writing sensible prose about. They straddle a line where the conventional definitions of techno begin to decay and fall apart and I love them for it. Everything Jacktone does is essential.

Lone Dancer: Void Simulation (Jacktone)
1. Lone Dancer: Void Simulation X1 (06:56)
2. Lone Dancer: Void Simulation X3 (06:12)
3. Lone Dancer: Void Simulation X1 (Bocaj Remix) (05:57)
4. Lone Dancer: Void Simulation X1 (Broken Dub) (07:17)



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