Lonely C Kendra Foster Remixes

Charlie from Soul Clap‘s solo excursion – the 2018 album Charles & Tribulations – continues to fire off sparks like a comet coming close in another loop-de-loop orbit. “Hold On” featuring the brassy and resounding vocals of Kendra Foster was the first single released almost exactly a year ago with a thumpin’ Mike Dunn remix.

This record features a couple of those tracks you may have heard and two you most likely haven’t, unless you’ve heard them in a set or have a better memory than I. Side A features the original mix of “Hold Up” – a tour de force for Kendra Foster who has previously lent her voice to D’Angelo & The Vanguard and P-Funk. This is followed by “True,” whose breakneak amphetamine pace from the original album version is slowed here into a thick syrupy jam. This vibey, rootsy side of Lonely C is the best side of Lonely C to my mind – it’s where he really excels and his heart is buried in this.

Mike Dunn‘s clipped, return-to-’95 remix of “Hold Up” is followed by a remix from man-of-the-moment Javonntte. His forward-looking, pumpin’ mix rounds out the album on a deep underground vibe.

Lonely C featuring Kendra Foster: Charles & Tribulations (Remixes) / Soul Clap Records
A1. Lonely C featuring Kendra Foster: “Hold Up” (feat Kendra Foster) (6:39)
A2. Lonely C featuring Kendra Foster: “True” (feat Billy Bass, GKoop, O-Man & Kim Manning – FSQ Funkadelic Touch remix) (8:03)
B1. Lonely C featuring Kendra Foster: “Hold Up” (Mike Dunn Blackball Vokal remix) (7:18)
B2. Lonely C featuring Kendra Foster: “Hold Up” (Javonntte mix 2) (5:43)



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