A constellation of stars have aligned to bring together Louie Vega, John Davis and Nervous Records and we’re better for it. Often overlooked by everyone but the charts, John Davis & The Monster Orchestra made some of the most popular discotheque treats of the 1970s. “Bourgie’ Bourgie'” has been remixed by everyone and their mother, but Louie still found something new in his 2016 remix that was hammered to death by every jock on the block.

“Up Jumped The Devil” has been through an insane amount of repressings since Sam Records (founded by the father of Nervous Records’ Michael Weiss) released it in 1977 as the title track for John Davis’ second album. The original featured many of the MFSB players at the peak of their powers and Louie Vega has been doing this long enough to know that you’re not going improve on that. Louie’s remix is more hectic, funky and the dub especially shines with a kind of kinetic energy that DJs will adore. This was released on vinyl in late June and digital this month, for anyone on the fence about it.

First published in 5 Magazine #150 featuring Brian Tappert, Marc Pomeroy and the Making of Traxsource, DJ Three and Hallucienda, Kiko Navarro, Richard Earnshaw and Lee Bright, the decline & fall of SoundCloud, the House Music Canon & more. Become a member of 5 Magazine for First & Full Access to Real House Music for only $2 per month.


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