This Love Will Last: The Chicago Boogie Volume 2 is the second chapter of a secret history of Chicago’s music scene, as told by two of its most tireless excavators.

Unsatisfied with the usual routine of soliciting demos and working the licensing game with a grind like a Japanese RPG, Star Creature is digging deep. Like seven layers of Oak Island treasure hunting deep.

That’s how far you have to go down to find a clean copy of “Shakin’ Your Body (Poppin’ Your Thang),” the lead and most anticipated track on The Chicago Boogie Volume 2. The 1983 original from Chicago’s Special Touch and Brackett Records is one of those records that when mentioned in certain company makes peoples’ eyes glaze over before they start to drool. Co-compiler Kool Hersh spins Duke Turner’s “Sugar Baby Your Love” with golden thread, as does Tim Zawada (as “TZ”) on Kareem Rashad’s “Dance.”

Also appearing on here is an alternative mix of “Hooked On Your Love” by Onstage, which featured familiar vocals of Byron Woods who appeared on Eric “E-Smoove” Miller’s “Let The Music Move You” and “Groove Trax” from Underground Construction.

These are tracks discussed more often than they’re played, simply from lack of access, and both the physical and digital releases as well as the restoration work by the Boogie Munsters will change all of that. It’d be a cliché to say this label just gets better with time. But it’d be the truth.

V/A: This Love Will Last: The Chicago Boogie Volume 2 (Star Creature Universal Vibration / December 2020/January 2021 / Digital/Vinyl)
1. Special Touch – Shakin’ Your Body (Poppin’ Your Thang) (06:46)
2. Duke Turner – Sugar Baby Your Love (Kool Hersh Edit) (04:03)
3. On Stage – Hooked On Your Love (Alternate Mix) (04:48)
4. Kareem Rashad – Dance (TZ Edit) (06:21)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo on behalf of the label.



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