It is inevitable to mention it and at this point it’s still impossible to write about the music of Lyric without reference to her father and bandmate in Floorplan, Robert Hood. Her music as we’ve heard from what she’s released so far is what you might expect if you had someone grow up with the sound of Minimal Nation creeping into their dreams and then left them alone to build their own world at their father’s workbench and using these tools. Which is, according to the elder Hood, sort of how it happened.

Everything/Social Distance is a step out, though, with small but vital details that mark this as a work apart. That vocal sample on “Everything” — crucial to the track and the fulcrum on which it turns — is something you likely wouldn’t hear on a Floorplan record. On “Social Distance” Lyric gets an electro-like sizzle on the pads that hit like a lightning strike and come down like a shockwave.

Lyric: Everything/Social Distance (M-Plant / July 2020 / Digital)
1. Lyric: Everything
2. Lyric: Social Distance



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