private persons maelstrom detection

I thought I was doing these cats a solid when I first stumbled across Forever Punk (Privatepersons004) on Bandcamp. The Russian label Private Persons releases techno that sounds like a musical concussion or an eruption in your head, and they’ve grown well beyond whatever records I can push these days, and faster than nearly any other label of their kind. They have guest spots all over – Amsterdam, London, Kiev – and their white-knuckled adventures on vinyl are becoming precious commodities.

So here we are on Privatepersons010 with a four track EP from Maelstrom, who may be French but speaks the same tongue as the rest of the Private Persons syndicate. Imagine the wide-angled panoramas of Blade Runner re-imagined by HR Giger and Genesis P-Orridge and maybe you’re close to the combination of pulsing, almost delicately wired techno, futurist FX and the ground-splitting bass that powers Maelstrom’s Detection, particularly the opening track “Red Stamp,” the claustrophobic, punishing electro groove of “On The Run” and the album’s closer, “Dialogue.”

This is sold out at an amazing number of vendors but scratch around and you can find a copy.

Maelstrom: Detection / Private Persons
A1. Maelstrom: “Red Stamp” (4:24)
A2. Maelstrom: “Blue Stamp” (5:03)
B1. Maelstrom: “On The Run” (5:33)
B2. Maelstrom: “Temporary Document” (5:09)
B3. Maelstrom: “Dialogue” (4:52)



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