They said don’t call it a comeback. Don’t call it a “renaissance” either. His name and his music is everywhere because the world might finally be catching up to the Detroit maestro Malik Alston. Following the brilliant EP Air on The Jazz Diaries, Alston appears back in heavy rotation with another phenomenal record released in late 2021 on Mother Tongue, casting a spotlight on a pair of the most gorgeous vocal records from his back catalog releases.

The tracks on In A Better Way will be familiar to serious diggers. The title track (credited to Malik Alston and Jason Hogans) first appeared in a radically different form as the lead track on M.M-17, the 2005 V/A compilation from Moodymann’s Mahogani Music. A “Soul Power” remix appears as the title track of this new EP as a collaboration between Alston and the late Dwayne Jensen, who passed away a few years back. And “Soul Power” is a good description for it: it taps into the ferocious energy of the downtempo original in a lively, soulful séance.

The second track “Promise Me Love” appeared digitally on UK label Makin’ Moves in 2014. The Kai Alcé remix lead that release but the emphasis here is on Just One from Kemetic Just.

The original of “In A Better Way (Change)” appears on the b-side. The timelessness is self-evident as these tracks take a turn in the limelight for 2022,and the same is true for most of Alston’s work over the last 30 years.

Malik Alston: In A Better Way (Mother Tongue / 12″ Vinyl / December 2021)
A1. Malik Alston: “In A Better Way (Change)” (Soul Power mix) (8:02)
B1. Malik Alston: “Promise Me Love” (feat LaRonn Dolley – Just One remix) (7:22)
B2. Malik Alston: “In A Better Way (Change)” (6:15)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo by the label.


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