I’m pretty convinced that this release from Marc Cotterell and Karl The Voice was made STRICTLY for the dance floors around the world, for the drum track is definitely the heart & soul foundation in each of the four mixes provided. As a matter of fact, two out of the four mixes are mostly drums: “Feel The Drums” and “Just Drums” mixes. But if it’s vocals you’re looking for, go straight to “The Land (Original Vocal Mix)”, where you can hear smooth harmonious lyrics from Karl The Voice, inviting you to “open your mind”. And if you listen closely, you’ll find that Karl’s lyrics are rather inspirational – catchy as well.

Sharing the spotlight with Karl The Voice is an alto saxophone player, making this mix all the more mesmerizing! For a reprise effect, check out Andy Soul’s Dub mix, as he takes this musical journey in another direction altogether (except for the drums, lol!) All brought to you by Plastik People: Music for your soul.