The one-sheet for this release hangs a lampshade on Marcus Worgull’s long-standing disavowal of ever running a record label to announce that he has, in fact, started a new record label.

Chorus is not starting off with his own music but from someone in his immediate circle — Frank Wiedemann of Âme and partner in the label Innervisions that has released many of Worgull’s tracks. From the name you might speculate that probably won’t change and that Chorus will remain a project channeling the voices of many, if selected from among Worgull’s “closest friends and peers.”

Wiedemann’s “Granville” starts Chorus off on an epic scale — close to eight and a half minutes tumult through hedonistic electronic delta waves. There’s a really spirited organ sound floating through both original tracks here, “Granville” and “Themdoc,” that evokes some bitchin’ jam band’s prized Fender Rhodes stolen right out of a pawn shop window. It’s a great sound whatever it is and wherever it came from, giving the EP a whiff of ’70s sleazy weed and psychedelia.

Frank Wiedemann: Granville / Chorus (June 2020/Digital)
1. Frank Wiedemann: Granville
2. Frank Wiedemann: Themroc
3. Frank Wiedemann: Themroc (Dub)

Photo via Frank Wiedemann Facebook.



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