Lunar, An Ascent: The Meditations of Marquis Hawkes

Marquis Hawkes captures the zeitgeist of a world locked indoors and preyed upon by dark anxieties...

The more meditative side of Marquis Hawkes resurfaces on Unknown To The Unknown this July for the Lunar EP. Awash in dazzling, light-bearing synths over thick, fat and slow-moving grooves, Lunar captures a certain zeitgeist — a world locked indoors and preyed upon by dark anxieties. It doesn’t get better here than the title track, which is less about the moon than the people gazing up at it, and the twinkling starlight of “Voyage.” “Morning After” is nearly beatless — just a shake that might be a paintbrush combing a cymbal or a rustle of wind.

It’s the aspiration of every electronic composer to capture this breathtaking vision of nature’s majesties in sound; like Brian Eno on “The Big Ship” or Aphex Twin on “#3,” Marquis Hawkes succeeds beyond our wildest expectations.

Marquis Hawkes: Lunar / Unknown To The Unknown (July 3 2020)
1. Marquis Hawkes: Lunar (06:48)
2. Marquis Hawkes: Voyage (06:54)
3. Marquis Hawkes: Be The Change You Want To See (04:29)
4. Marquis Hawkes: Validation Comes From Within (05:53)
5. Marquis Hawkes: Morning After (05:12)



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