In less than three months, this typically enigmatic producer that goes by Marvel83′ has released five EPs of glistening, groovy synth-heavy *wave records that sound like they fell off the soundtrack of Cobra, or at least Drive. With the title track from Downtown Sunset, Marvel83′ unearths a bassline as thick and as tight as a belt cord. Everything falls into place here: synths rising and falling, arpeggios that move you along at a pleasantly nostalgic and eminently cinematic pace. What caps and limits on pathos and emotion “Downtown Sunset” respects, “Girl From The North Country” first dances around and then flips over: here’s your romantic ballad for earnestly conveyed teen romance. Marvel83’s music is refined, chilled – overwrought, sure, but in just the perfect places – but moreover has a kind of learned or intuitive musicality that shines through.


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Marvel83′: Downtown Sunset EP
1. Downtown Sunset (04:04)
2. Girl From The North Country (04:52)