This might be a heresy but I’d take Master C&J’s catalog over a whole lot of classic Chicago tracks; they were honest and I think that’s made them age well. Over the years I’ve interviewed Carl Bias (the “C”), I’ve left entirely too many messages with publicists for Liz Torres and have generally dropped more references and asides about one of the first and greatest house bands than is healthy.

Master C&J is now founder Jessie Jones (the “J”), Lugo Rosado and Reginald Hughes and for the changes from the classic sound I think they still capture some of the eccentric style of the original on “Your Freakness,” inspired by an NPG-era Prince. I liked all four tracks here: Kato and Lugo Rosado’s mixes push the vocals right up against the mic where the listener has nowhere to hide. Zonum’s mix is all big keys and big vocals bursting out of the record.

Master C&J: Your Freakness (The Remixes) (51st Street Music / April 2021 / Digital)
1. Master C&J: Your Freakness (Zonum, M M Key Ibiza Rmx) (8:51)
2. Master C&J: Your Freakness (Zonum, M M Key Ibiza Rmx) (8:51)
3. Master C&J: Your Freakness (DJ Lugo Rosado New York Mix) (6:25)
4. Master C&J: Your Freakness (DJ Kato Chicago Mix) (6:56)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo on behalf of the artist.



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