There are few connecting threads between the four tracks on Matt Dubspun’s Ground Zero EP and that’s the fun of it. Side A leads off with “The Indigenous,” a deep dubby track thick with atmosphere and then bursts into a riot of colors and shapes with the insane amphetamine jazz of “Stand Alone.”

On the flip, “Adrift” is built around a constant pulse, like Aphex Twin making Music For Airports, and again the stillness and constancy is broken by the ominous techno jam of “Red & Black Flowers.” Dubspun pressed these up on vinyl for his own Vibenotic Recordings and aside from some white labels the real deal will be appearing on the street shortly. is out now.

Matt Dubspun: Ground Zero / Vibenotic Recordings
A1. Matt Dubspun: “The Indgenous” (7:58)
A2. Matt Dubspun: “Stand Alone” (6:07)
B1. Matt Dubspun: “Adrift” (8:37)
B2. Matt Dubspun: “Red & Black Flowers” (5:37)



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