It’s 1983 again, but better. Matthias Zimmermann evokes the spirit of classic synthpop post-punk post-disco and all around melodic music on “Kontakt,” the title track from his new EP on Back Office. There’s a warm buzz and even a bit of a growl tearing at the belly of the bassline that sets this way ahead of the usual dayglo neon ’80s revival tracks (which, if you’ve been reading, we like). In keeping with the grandeur of the era, “Kontakt” aims for the sky with a heavenly, head-in-the-clouds melodic sway. At 3 and half minutes, it’s a nearly perfectly crafted synthpop song (if you forgive the fact there are no lyrics).

“FX 3000” presents a kind of Italo-kosmische Musik take, a thin, almost MIDI music-like melody serenaded in handclaps and sizzling 808 drums. “Incomplete” is, in a sense, a waypoint marker between these two, the warm percussion of “Kontakt” sloshing through the cool flame of “FX 3000.”

With an ear for sound design and an attention to fidelity and detail that is borderline disturbing, Zimmermann makes stunningly beautiful music and an EP that is ripped almost entirely out of the context of time and fashion and bobbing menacingly through ours.

Matthias Zimmermann: Kontakt EP (Back Office / May 14 2021)
1. Matthias Zimmermann: Kontakt (03:32)
2. Matthias Zimmermann: FX 3000 (03:10)
3. Matthias Zimmermann: Portal (03:12)
4. Matthias Zimmermann: Incomplete (04:38)

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