Earlier this year we profiled Maxime Dangles and his album Les Délivrés, the soundtrack from a documentary of the same name that focused on the cheap and often brutal life of gig economy delivery drivers in contemporary France. Dangles, who had previously released music for Skryptöm, Bedrock, Kompakt and K2, made such a beautiful record that I just had to see the film and encourage everyone to do so, and hopefully it inspires artists around the world to show how the tech industry has turned human beings into disposable assets wherever they live. The words “It’s not possible to be indifferent when someone died for delivering a hamburger,” taken from the film, are hard to forget and they ought to be.

This remix pack from the soundtrack was released in late October, featuring remixes from Penelope Antena, Pavane and Blutch (whose remix of “Vitesse” is exquisite), plus Dangles himself under his DNGLS alias. A really impressive collection though I think the mixes by Dangles carry the show. “Operate” is intense and emotional; “Vélibre” is heavy but driving, propelling itself forward like the protagonists of the film.

⚪️ Les Délivrés Remixes Tracklisting

Maxime Dangles: Les Délivrés Remixes (Lifeguards)
1. Operate (Pavane remix) (05:01)
2. Operate (Dngls remix) (06:16)
3. Liberate (Dngls remix) (06:22)
4. Vitesse (Blutch Remix) (04:54)
5. Matin Rose (club version) (07:04)
6. Matin Bleu (Penelope Antena Remix) (06:05)
7. Vélibre (club version) (05:09)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was submitted as a promo.


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