Audio Soul Project and Fresh Meat are back and it feels good to say it. This is but the first of two superb records the Chicago label is releasing in the next 30 days or so and as much love as I have for the forthcoming Signs & Gestures, I’m going to double back and shake this one first.

“Forever Joy” is beautiful, in the way that such a simple track can be beautiful: two chords, repeated twice, caress the bassline and keep your head above water as you float in layers of what sounds like muted or filtered brass and a glockenspiel. “Forever Joy” is backed by “Moon Boots” and “I, Mack” which were the A side of the mid-’90s Shroom Records release Amorphic Disco. “I, Mack” is the track you’d hear at the end of a Derrick Carter mixtape wrapped around Pulp Fiction dialogue – sample-heavy, ultra-groovy mid-morning afterparty fare.

“Moon Boots” on the other hand sounds like it could have been released yesterday – and just as well-received. And in possibly the best 1-sheet line of 2015, Fresh Meat explains that these songs “were finished when the sampler ran out of memory or the mixer was out of channels.” Lovely.