Miguel Migs and Lisa Shaw: Waterfall (Salted Music)

One of House Music's most enduring producer/vocalist collaborations continues with Salted's "Waterfall."

Can we get a documentary or telenovela about the years of collaboration between Miguel Migs and Lisa Shaw? It’s gotten to the point where it’s impossible to think of one without the other, and not on the basis of a single song or a smash hit but a catalog of consistency that has outlasted not just record labels or careers or faddish trends but entire production systems and recording formats. I’m sure there’s still probably DAT tapes galore in their attic that have yet to surface; in the meantime, there’s “Waterfall.”

The newest single from Migs’ Salted Music sees yet another collaboration with Lisa, this one celebrating “this duo’s artistic love of self-expression and creating songs that connect with the soul through exploration.” Migs has always stuck me as a great chameleon: he can listen to, absorb and perfect practically any sound and on “Waterfall” it’s a hard-edged, almost electro-influenced deep techno (if Beatport actually makes a genre out of that, I will destroy myself and take them down with me), especially pronounced in the dub. Lisa’s vocal on the original mix shines as you would expect: that deep and sultry tone that sounds almost effortless, like a woman singing into a live mic while multitasking.


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