This is a huge record! Detroit veteran Mike “Agent X” Clark’s appropriately titled “The Heat” sounds like a monologue from a Blaxploitation film because it is. It’s from the 1974 Gilbert Moses film Willie Dynamite – a film that made the world realize you could actually make a “nuanced” movie about a pimp. Rosco Orman stars as Willie Dynamite, and the peacock title character lends his name and wit to Clark’s “The Heat” (Willie Dynamite edition). Clark edits the dialog for maximum effectiveness with a rhythm section that bounces and hangs low, ready to pop.

The original is stompin’ and the remixes here are incredible too. No Speakers owner El Prevost adds a fried, edgy, 8 bit electro sound palette that makes you feel like you’re playing the deluxe Atari 2600 video game adaptation of Willie Dynamite. Ben Sims slaps around the beat with a signature techno stomper and Peter Rocket has the choice cut that features Willie Dynamite’s soliloquy poured over steaming breakbeats. If this scene has an ounce of taste this better make Mike Clark a headliner worldwide.

Mike “Agent X” Clark: The Heat / No Speakers
A1. Mike “Agent X” Clark: The Heat (Wille Dynamite editon)
A2. Mike “Agent X” Clark: The Heat (El Prevost remix)
B1. Mike “Agent X” Clark: The Heat (Ben Sims remix)
B2. Mike “Agent X” Clark: The Heat (Peter Rocket remix)



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