Not since the days of Warehouse and Muzique has Mike Dunn put this much focused attention on one release. Long delayed and talked about, Mike’s My House From All Angles is an 11 track double vinyl LP featuring both the raw and powerful sound that first made him a name as well as the more melodic records he’s been specializing in lately.

The first side features mostly the former: “Acid Rush” could have been written in 1990 – a raw’az’hell jacker with Mike’s deep vocal telling everyone what time it is. “Body Muzik” is mental as fuck. The flip features a couple of what Mike might call party songs – sample heavy jams that DJs of that generation would have once made strictly for their own sets.

Side 3 starts with a heavy and more polished acid workout on “Let’s Go!” The tracks here are darker, more synthetic, similar to his later 1990s shit. And we close with “The Frontier (9-1-1)” on Side 4, capping it all with a smoother, silkier and sometimes even adventurous sound. Like I said last month about KiNK’s Playground LP: it’s kind of a sad commentary on the scene when the most distinctive thing people have to say about a new dance music album they like is that it’s “fun.” All this shit should be fun. Mike has never had anything but fun. This LP takes you to the party and Mike takes the party to you.

Mike Dunn: My House From All Angles (Moreaboutmusic/Moreaboutmusic)
A1. Mike Dunn: “Acid Rush” (5:14)
A2. Mike Dunn: “Body Muzik” (5:12)
A3. Mike Dunn: “Coal Mine” (5:19)
B1. Mike Dunn: “DJ Beat That Shhh” (feat MD X-Spress) (4:59)
B2. Mike Dunn: “Have It 4U Babe” (feat Jass Man) (7:16)
C1. Mike Dunn: “Let’s Go!” (5:08)
C2. Mike Dunn: “Modulation” (5:10)
C3. Mike Dunn: “Move It, Work It” (5:17)
D1. Mike Dunn: “The Frontier (9 -1-1)” (5:14)
D2. Mike Dunn: “The Wake-Up Call” (feat Dee Jay Alicia) (5:01)
D3. Mike Dunn: “You R'” (feat JR Jordan) (4:59)