Hypnotic, gorgeous music that comes at you in waves: the appropriately titled “Purple Waves” reaches an absolute apex of artistry. This is Minor Rain’s second straight EP on Loodma, and with the two tracks on Tomorrow’s Sunrise that makes four tracks that sound like the first half of an album I will play until they pull the walls down around me. Broken beats are broken further still, diced up and blended with percussion that sounds vaguely Balinese and a serene, almost disturbingly celestial melody that doesn’t float above as much as haunts. This is deep shit, what I’m talking about here, and I can’t figure out if it’s highly energetic music for meditation or deeply emotive music for dancing. And I don’t know what Minor Rain is doing but I want you to keep doing it to me.

Minor Rain: Purple Waves (Loodma)
1. Minor Rain: Purple Waves
2. Minor Rain: Let Me Try



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