An embarrassing amount of years have passed since I looked at anything from this label. I remember tuning in and thinking these guys were on some kind of strange, discordant and grandiose sound that I just didn’t understand. Funny how that works: now Loodma specializes in precisely that kind of strange, discordant and grandiose sound that I seek out for a fix. Loodma hasn’t changed, but I have, and I’ve dived into a catalog technicolor-bright and found it drenched in treasures.

The latest is Tomorrow’s Sunrise by Minor Rain. Straddling a line between downtempo, sound design and wild electronica, the title track is exquisitely rich, textured so dense, so precise, so distinct that the music feels like it leaves a mark when it passes by. “Digital Squid” is a dizzy whirl of lights and sounds and vibrating electronics. These tracks seem to breathe, as if animated by a life unattached to this one.

Minor Rain: Tomorrow’s Sunrise (Loodma Recordings)
1. Minor Rain: Tomorrow’s Sunrise (4:38)
2. Minor Rain: Digital Squad (5:51)


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