You can hear a certain song for 5 seconds and it feels like you’ve been listening to it your whole life.

That’s how I felt about “Be Free” from Miruga’s EP of the same name, forthcoming from Altered Moods Recordings.

I know a bit about Miruga but not much, and I clearly need to start paying attention because the virtuosity of “Be Free,” “Blizzard” and the other two tracks on here are a revelation. A song with a solo like this is invariably going to provoke comparisons to “The Whistle Song,” from me at least – and in my case, it’s a flattering comparison indeed.

You can only be disappointed from there but I was not disappointed at all by the other three tracks on Be Free. In fact, I’ve had to go back three or four times to make sure I wasn’t listening to a playlist of new favorites cannibalized from four separate new records. With “Blizzard,” “Blue Space” and “The Old Beauty,” from beginning to end Miruga achieves the rare feat of composing electronic music – and I mean “composing,” in the full sense of the word – that won’t put anyone’s feet to sleep.

I don’t know if this is a look at something rescued from the past or a bold look into the future, but it’s marvelous.