Amidst all of the doom and gloom of the music industry – as a few dollars are replaced with a few dimes and now a few dimes by a few pennies, courtesy of streaming – it’s inspirational as fuck to meet someone that still dreams of big things.

And as far as “big things” go, it’s hard to remember the last time someone did a project as ambitious as this. Mistress is Minneapolis DJ DVS1’s label, devoted to sharing the “secret weapons” most DJs might otherwise keep to themselves. Mistress 5 will break your back with heavy ammunition. It consists of a total of three 12″ records, each named after a (natural) hair color with 12 tracks overall from at least as many artists (or at least aliases). Of special note here is “Track 20” from DJ Boris, aka Jerome Baker and “World Domination” from Juxta Position from The Brunette record and ASOK’s “Purple Saturn Day” from The Blonde.

All three records wander from noisy techno to Chicago jack tracks, in the tradition of the DJ fellow that A&R’d this project. Absolutely recommended.



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