This is a major release here from Monty Luke, an artist constantly chasing inspiration and sometimes catches it. The title track on Vibe The Feel is made for the dancefloor, showering the DJ and the dancer in a sophisticated and slightly dark vibe. There are three versions here: the original, with a voiceover; an instrumental, without; and an alternate take, “Dub The Feel,” which melts down those sonorous synth lines into a sinister fuzzy static. Three versions for three distinct moments in your night.

It’s the other two tracks here that make this EP really stand out though. The sizzling synths of “Fantasms” seem to hang in the air in front of you, like slow-moving comets lobbed across the night sky. Terms like “Detroit Techno” which are used every day to sell records that are neither from Detroit nor especially reminiscent of the techno made there might not mean much to a lot of people, but if it means something to you: this track is it, drenched in that elusive cosmic industrial aesthetic that is still so hard to come by. “Metaphysical Worlds” is beatless but not ambient, a rain of glassy keys crashing into a sonic landscape.

So five tracks for your dollar, from one of the best who makes them, taking you from the basement to the mainroom to the afterparty.

Monty Luke: Vibe The Feel (Black Catalogue / Digital / September 2021)
1. Monty Luke: Vibe The Feel (06:52)
2. Monty Luke: Dub The Feel (04:27)
3. Monty Luke: Metaphysical Worlds (03:30)
4. Monty Luke: Fantasms (05:47)
5. Monty Luke: Vibe The Feel (Instrumental) (06:56)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo on behalf of the label.



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