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The records I review here almost always fall into one of two categories. They either do something that’s cool/fresh/interesting enough to warrant comment, or they’re completely generic, but are such a good example of their particular genre that they become, again, worthy of comment.

Solar Flair / Heatwave from More Amour (Artwork and Jon Solo) falls into the second category, doing absolutely nothing original at all and doing it wonderfully. Both tracks are unpretentious, spacey, boogie-down disco jams, carefully assembled from layers of keys, clavs, synth licks and arpeggios, topped with disco strings and sprinkled with glitter. It’s disco/boogie — think peak-Patrick Adams but cleaned up for 2023 and given a pristinely programmed low-end bass and drum combo — so there are no surprises here, but the quality of the playing, programming and production make it worth your time. There are some lovely live bass touches on “Heatwave,” the slippery synth soloing on “Solar Flair” is perfectly in sync with the track’s general cosmic mood and most importantly from a DJing point of view, these tunes slap.

“Heatwave” just beats “Solar Flair” for me (mainly because the chord progression pleasingly contains the merest hint of Chris Rea’s “Josephine” and an echo of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” too) but either will do a good job of disco-ing up your dancefloor.

⚪️ Tracklisting

More Amour: Solar Flair / Heatwave (Hi Quality Records / 12" Vinyl + Digital)
A1. More Amour: "Solar Flair" (10:24)
B1. More Amour: "Heatwave" (8:14)

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This record was submitted as a promo.

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