Mousse T. and Lovebirds: Prophets Hangover

Peppermint Jam releases three tracks made in Berlin by two of the best.

“Closer To You” heralded this coming collaboration between production giants Lovebirds and Mousse T. more than a year ago when it was released on the Jam Files Vol 2. That’s an old school move, releasing a track that way, and might slip through the tracks in the thousands of mixes and licensed comps that fly over the transom every month but it attracted a fuckton of attention back in the Summer of 2015 and anchors this new collaborative EP. Prophets Hangover represents the further adventures of Mousse and Sebastian, allegedly in person (less a given than a rarity in the hyperconnected world today) at the latter’s studio in Berlin.

“Closer To You” is kind of the project’s epitome: Chic Org-inspired strums are pure Mousse T. and at the summit they meet Lovebirds’ almost signature-by-now shoulder-rolling basslines. “Do Anything” is my favorite of the two new tracks with an Italo vibe, stuttery synths and heavy dancealong claps and percussion. Huge record here, from two people the world needs to hear more from all the time.