Larry Heard Vault Sessions Electronic Debris album artwork

One of the more anticipated records of 2021, Larry Heard is not just fishing through the archives for some oddities and rarities but is actually releasing them digitally as well. This isn’t an entirely new thing but it’s pretty new-ish that a new Larry Heard record gets a digital release in anything like its original form.

But the vinyl comes first — or “came,” because pandemic be damned Vault Sessions 1 was sold out almost everywhere just after its release day. “Electronic Debris” and “Saspence” are both beautiful in the hyper-visual painting-with-sound style that Heard perfected post-Fingers, Inc. The lead track, “Chains,” features Ron Wilson freestyling over music and is an outtake from the studio that didn’t make it onto the Fingers, Inc. Another Side LP.

Mr. Fingers: Electronic Debris (Alleviated / January 2021 / 12″ Vinyl/Digital)
A1. Mr. Fingers: “Chains” (feat Ron Wilson) (6:21)
A2. Mr. Fingers: “Electronic Debris” (6:53)
B1. Mr. Fingers: “Saspence” (5:45)
B2. Mr. Fingers: “Nyte Light” (6:07)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.



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