Don’t be put off by the worryingly happy-healing-crystals-positive-vibes EP name. This two-tracker from UK producer DJ and label boss Paul Murphy in his “Mudd” guise isn’t new age artisan yoga-step. The title track is a stately 70 bpm sunny Balearic funker — think smooth keys and wriggly synth freestyling, not a million miles from Roy Ayers’ “Everybody Loves The Sunshine” but held down with the low end heft of a 21st century bubbling synth bass and crisp, neat 4/4 kick and snare. It’s superbly done, every moment of its just-under-five-minutes perfectly put together.

The second track “Katanaboy” will be of more interest to house DJs; it comes in around 100 bpm, so I guess for most of them it will either be a warm up track or get played at the opposite end of the night, deep into the afters when, as all good DJs know, you get to pull out your alternative tunes you never get a chance to drop. “Katanaboy” sounds like if Ron Basejam remixed some long lost Eastern European dream-disco instrumental from 1981. It’s based around a killer key riff, snippets of Nile-ish guitar, a rock-solid rhythm section and possesses a general breezy aesthetic somewhere between dub disco, soft rock and jazz fusion. Short version: right time, right place, this could work wonders on your dance floor.

⚪️ In The Garden of Mindfulness Tracklisting

Mudd: In The Garden of Mindfulness (Claremont 56 / 12" Vinyl + Digital)
1. In The Garden Of Mindfulness (04:56)
2. Katanaboy (04:43)

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5 Mag Issue 210
Out November 2023

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