Strange choice of words but “breath of fresh air” keeps coming to mind as I listen to “KMC,” the lead track from Muon’s Broken Dreams. I’m not going to say they’re reinventing the wheel but there’s something refreshingly out of the ordinary about this track and its brothers and sisters – these grinding, twitchy tracks seem earthy, organic, based upon tactile sounds of a real planet, guided by human intellect. There’s no question about it – there’s a stomp to this, but it takes its time to build, and the payoff is worth it.

“MIDI Sans Frontieres” is a mental overload – I can’t imagine how this would sound on a system that fills a room but I imagine the walls bending concave and supports splintering. “Marina” is rather mellow in comparison. Intentional or not, you get three different experiences here on this thrilling EP, available on vinyl from Muon’s Bandcamp.


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