Norm Talley’s Upstairs Asylum label is responsible for this nice vinyl-only 4 track/3 artist EP of Detroit house. Boo Williams kicks things off with his rolling “Tickin’ Clock,” an expertly executed exercise in how to build house music tension without having to resort to cheap arrangements tricks.

Eric Johnson’s “Melodic Gruv” is simply really well-done deep house — it’s driving, moving, there’s a little taste of late ’70s jazz funk in its chords, it loops round and round, and that squarewave bass/warm chords/twinkling keys/crispy Detroit house beats combo just hits right.

The EP finishes with a pair of tracks from Reggie Dokes. His “Mothers Child” is a classy euphoric piano tune that kicks off with a nice repeating arpeggio which repeats for just long enough that the release provided when actual full piano chords drop is just beautiful.

Dokes’ final track, “End Of Time,” is a classic B2 house track, the kind of tune you used to find tucked away at the end of a 12″ B-side, when the producer decides to stretch out just a little. It’s cool, unhurried, elegant, a little bit dreamy Italian house, a little bit drifty Detroit techno.

Great EP, each tune distinct in its own way: real house music for working DJs.

[Ed Note: Sold out in a lot of places but two copies are lurking at Gramaphone.]

⚪️ Music In Motion Tracklisting

Boo Williams, Eric Johnson & Reggie Dokes: Music In Motion (Upstairs Asylum / Vinyl Only)
A1. Boo Williams: "Tickin Clock" (6:57)
A2. Eric Johnson: "Melodic Gruv" (6:43)
B1. Reggie Dokes: "Mother's Child" (5:53)
B2. Reggie Dokes: "End Of Time" (5:24)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was submitted as a promo.

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