Holland’s Nachtbraker‘s latest release on his self-titled label delivers four high-paced and futuristic deep house tunes. The title track “Dondoni” feels like if ’80s synthsters Ultravox time travelled to an early ’90s rave and listened to “Voodoo Ray” on the way, and while it’s good, it’s outshone by the stately chords, tripped out arpeggio and mega breakdown of second track “Barkuchi Fuzz.”

Track 3 “Don’t Worry” utilises a nagging, spikey synth lead and smooth pad that I suspect were both ordered directly from Motor City, and with its spacey synth bleeps and racing rhythm track it all adds up to a joyous techno-coloured house jam. Then to finish things off nicely Paolo Mosca turns in a fresh yet moody remix of “Don’t Worry” which moves between a kind of broken-electro-breaks vibe and straight-up 4/4 most pleasingly.

It’s all strong and fresh-sounding dance floor tackle, peppered with a few builds and drops that have could-blow-things-up-at-the-right point-in-the-night potential.

⚪️ Dondoni Tracklisting

Nachtbraker: Dondoni (Nachtbraker / 12" Vinyl + Digital)
1. Dondoni (06:07)
2. Barkuchi Fus (06:36)
3. Don't Worry (06:08)
4. Don't Worry (Paolo Mosca Remix) (06:22)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was submitted as a promo.

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