I’ve never heard Nat Wendell play, but if he plays records like he makes tracks he must be one-of-a-kind. Theoretics leads off with “The Way (Part 2),” which approaches something like the apotheosis or platonic ideal of a type of Deep ’90s banger that DJs covet, fans adore and charitably few producers can create. This is a commanding track – from Point A to Point B takes everyone on a journey in the most classic, least cliched sense of the word. Serious heat!

Theoretics leads the B-side with some serious jackin’ beats, dubbed out vocals and trippy chords that lurk right up underneath the surface. Replace the hats with some wicked snares and an uplifting little melody for “Release Your Soul.”

This is unapologetic fodder for the dancefloor, and it’s pleasing to see records like this getting circulated again.

Nat Wendell: Theoretics (Depth of My Soul Records)
A1. Nat Wendell: “The Way” (part 2)
B1. Nat Wendell: “Theoretics”
B2. Nat Wendell: “Release Your Soul”


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