There is no better title for this than just self-titled. Known in Chicago and in the industry worldwide as Smartbar’s extremely innovative music director, Nate Manic lives in the Bay Area now and has minted an album in which it seems he’s done almost (or actually) everything. That statement becomes more impressive when you realize that almost every song has a vocal (and by vocal we mean singing), and that the vocal is apparently also being done by Nate Manic himself.

The music on his self-titled album ranges from lush deep house and techy acid to almost neo-soul; he was clearly one of the masses who listened carefully when broken beat briefly took over London and mounted an invasion of America. As a producer, Manic layers his vocals as the primary (but not the only) instrument, with multiple tracks bouncing from the left speaker to the next and wrapping around one another in soaring arabesques. “What’s Good” is one marvelous highlight, and it’s fair to say there’s been little like the vocal/acid hybrid “Late For Work” committed to tape before. “You Will Not Ruin Me” is another, with more demonic ’90s style android vocals and an acid line that is merciless. There is a deep spiritual vibe to many of the tracks, sometimes just a hint, just a wisp of smoke in a bonfire.

Nate Manic: Nate Manic (Quaint But Extra / May 2021 / Digital)
1. Nate Manic: Exit Strategy (05:33
2. Nate Manic: What’s Good (U Do U I’ll Do Me) (06:22)
3. Nate Manic: Left Alone (05:04)
4. Nate Manic: Late For Work (05:59)
5. Nate Manic: It’s Never Easy (06:19)
6. Nate Manic: You Will Not Ruin Me (07:01)
7. Nate Manic: An Ode To The Men With Whom I’ve Crashed And Burned, Written In Iambic Pentameter (05:08)
8. Nate Manic: Dangerous Game (05:16)
9. Nate Manic: In Time (05:45)
10. Nate Manic: Bustin’ (Bonus Track) (05:40)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo on behalf of the label.



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