Anxiously relentless or relentlessly anxious, the title track of Nathan Surreal’s Star Dust EP buzzes along like a custom shop machine that sounds like it’s nearly on the verge of cracking up but somehow never does. The big strings and incomprehensible vocal sample add a ’90s-esque rave feel to a road-ready techno banger. Neville Watson’s remix is fantastic: something that can with ease play itself in a house, tech house or spirited techno set. Adesse Versions continues showing his range with a remix of electro on overdrive, with a jagged-tipped bassline that keeps jumping out of the scenery and into the foreground.

Nathan Surreal: Star Dust (Biologic)
1. Nathan Surreal: Star Dust (Original Mix) (6:18)
2. Nathan Surreal: Human Music (Original Mix) (6:37)
3. Nathan Surreal: Star Dust (Neville Watson Remix) (8:10)
4. Nathan Surreal: Star Dust (Adesse Versions Remix) (5:36)
5. Nathan Surreal: $$$ (Original Mix) (6:43)


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