NDATL is such a treasure and the blast of hype that hits our scene from distant shores means you can’t shout it loud enough to drown out the noise.

Kai Alcé most recently welcomed Andrés back to the label with a deep soulful five track jam that begs to have the grooves worn down to bald vinyl. Side A of D Atlien is the “Latin Side” and lead track “Ensolardo (Sunny)” is a perfectly timed Afro Latin number with a vocal that hits you like a delta wave. “Cafe Con Leche” is a groove-and-beat jam with Mambo-style percussion so fast it drops into breakbeat territory. The whole tune sounds like an accidental drum’n’bass precursor, from the dubby vocal to the wild, untamed groove. The flip is branded the “Northwest Side” with “D-Town Connection” hitting levels of swagger that should not be possible. “I Can’t Hear You” is a funky disco track that bangs right into a hidden bonus track, “Come 2 Me,” an instrumental version of a track by the same name that appeared on the 2014 Moodymann LP with vocals by Nikki O.

Aside from good, quality wax, we’re also celebrating NDATL’s history this week as Smartbar hosts a 10 year anniversary party in Chicago with Kai, Marcellus Pittman and Specter. Tickets are available here.

Andrés: D Atlien EP / NDATL Muzik
A1. Andrés: “Ensolardo (Sunny)” (4:51)
A2. Andrés: “Cafe Con Leche” (5:22)
B1. Andrés: “D Town Connection” (5:17)
B2. Andrés: “I Can’t Hear You” (5:29)
B3. Andrés: “Come 2 Me” (instrumental) (3:47)



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