A new Patrice Scott record is cause to celebrate and dream of making new music or new mixes or whatever creative outlet you direct all of your heart and soul to. The same goes for Neroli, a label that has inspired countless dreamers to start their own outlets or create their own sounds.

“New Day” is a sleeper track here: it comes on slow, lugubrious and catches you by surprise with a breezy and almost Balearic vibe. You can get lost in the dreamy grooves and layered FX of “Chasing Dreams” on the A side and “Remember When?” which seems like it’s scientifically primed to evoke a pleasant sort of nostalgia and does.

Patrice Scott: Chasing Dreams / Neroli
A1. Patrice Scott: “Chasing Dreams” (6:53)
B1. Patrice Scott: “Remember When?” (6:46)
B2. Patrice Scott: “New Day” (5:23)



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