It was never easy to break new artists and it’s getting harder every single day we let the algorithms make our decisions about what to listen to for us. So mad respect to Subject To Restrictions Discs, a Zurich, Switzerland-based imprint that has been putting out records from “emerging” artists and trying to push them through.

“Dein Letztes Hemd” by Nicolai Toma is one that’s worth monkeywrenching the organic reach to spread around. Toma stirs up a nasty acid gristle from the bottom of the pot. It rises with a flourish of heavy synth waves with vocals that sound like a clever sample but are actually an original recording by vocalist Camila Strasdas.

The sinister “Never Trust A Mirror” from Prioleau and the wailing acid air raid siren on Heschia369’s “Dmbrisded” (I’m copy/pasting this shit here) are also worth checking out. A nice 4 track V/A.

Various Artists: Never Trust A Mirror EP / Subject To Restrictions Discs (March 27 2020/12″ Vinyl)
A1 Nicolai Toma – Dein Letztes Hemd ft. Camila Strasdas
A2 Prioleau – Never Trust A Mirror
B1 Hesychia369 – Dmbrisded
B2 Hesychia369 – Diffspherez



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