New Digital Fidelity is a reasonably new moniker for a familiar face. Born in Italy and residing in the UK, he released records for Popcorn Records (Known By None, featuring an Amir Alexander remix) and Balance (his remix of Robert Bosco’s “When The Rain Comes Down” featuring Jenifa Mayanja).

An appearance on Mike Grant‘s Moods & Grooves is a worthy accomplishment as well but I don’t think he’s here to polish up his resumé. Instead under this new moniker he delivers three soulful, deep house tracks, beginning with “Gonna Touch The Sky.” Fred P “reshapes” it in characteristically abstract, cubist style: manic drum madness is dragged apart by burning synths, music that doubles the vocal and then diverges and a vocal itself that sounds flat at first but then surges to life, in brilliant technicolor. All of the little things that Fred P does are always of interest to DJs, subject to deep study by his fellow producers and are beloved by dancefloors.

The Afro Latin swing of the original title track permeates the tracks on the b-side as well; it’s his sound and New Digital Fidelity is sticking to it. “Horizon” is another solid hunk of probing deep soul that closes it out on a high note.

⚪️ Tracklisting

New Digital Fidelity: Gonna Touch The Sky (Fred P Reshape) (Moods & Grooves / 12" Vinyl / Digital)
A1. New Digital Fidelity: "Gonna Touch The Sky" (Fred P Reshape) (7:43)
A2. New Digital Fidelity: "Gonna Touch The Sky" (5:36)
B1. New Digital Fidelity: "Make Up Your Mind" (5:24)
B2. New Digital Fidelity: "Horizon" (7:18)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was submitted as a promo.

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