Italian vinyl-only label Tales starts with a pair of companion records dedicated to the two Midwest American cities that created, shaped and continue to revolutionize electronic music as we know it. Tales From Detroit, TALES02, already has a discogs entry but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. TALES01 is a remarkable debut, featuring four “Tales From Chicago” from four of the best ambassadors the city has ever had. Gene Hunt leads off with the adderall vibraphone boogie of “Merry Go.” Ed Nine contributes “Lake Shore Breeze” – a phenomenal track to add to his growing repertoire of other phenomenal tracks. Bright synths and hissing hats make this one of my favorite tracks this month and one destined to go far beyond the limitations of any V/A record.

On the B-Side two similar producers show their stuff. G Marcell’s “Son God” is a percussion lover’s delight while Hakim Murphy brings a hardware heavy 303 dream called “Lawndale Beating” to the party.

V/A: Tales From Chicago (Tales / October 2020 / 12″ Vinyl)
A1. Gene Hunt – “Merry Go”
A2. Ed Nine – “Lake Shore Breeze”
B1. G Marcell – “Son God”
B2. Hakim Murphy – “Lawndale Beating”



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