Soul Clap, Wolf+Lamb and this family of labels and musicians release a tremendous amount of goodies every month, but this one has stood out for me. You may think a track called “Festival Erotica” must be inspired by Prince, and you would not be wrong. Chicago vocalist and Cajual artist Russoul groans and cries with an emotive delivery and loose improvisational-style vocals that bounce around and echo, rooted by a thick five note riff that is the whole song. In the end it’s a bit of Prince, but mostly it’s Russoul.

Soul Clap’s remix sounds like a five track medley. Charles and Eli fluff the riff up with the bass, beginning at a consciously sub-audible level. With a dose of artistry and precision, they build the track up from minimal elements, stacking these like building blocks and it’s not until about 2 minutes in that you get to the meat of it.

Russoul is the artist that makes this track work but he put his faith in the hands of a whole bunch of characters. All of ’em did ‘im proud. I could have done with another remix or two to take this one really far out, but we’re nitpicking. It’s a fine release.