Nina Simone: the Francois K & Tony Humphries Remixes

Some reissued tracks from the "dead wax era" of the mid-2000s showcase songs from the brilliant Nina Simone in the loving hands of two legendary house music remixers.

This is a record that has been re-circulating in the bins, rescued from the “dead wax era” of the mid-2000s as a recent Record Store Day exclusive.

I don’t currently have a copy of the supposed source file in question but I’m pretty sure these came from the 2006 release Nina Simone: Remixed & Reimagined on RCA/Legacy. Nina Simone passed away in 2003 and there was a slew of frankly pretty mediocre projects that arose in the wake, as there always are when an artist dies and record labels rush to cash in on celebrity tragedy. I would guess that about half of the remixes on that record are worth playing and with three of these selections South Street made the correct choice as they represent the gems from that compilation.

François K’s remix of Nina Simone’s cover of “Here Comes The Sun” first appeared there and is just as hypnotic as I remember. Tony Humphries’ dub of “Turn Me On” is another great selection, which is more uptempo and bright. The remix by Cold Cut (of Ninja Tune fame) sounds almost like a drunk DJ dropping a random beat track over an acapella – disjointed, listless and curiously pointless. It can’t all age well…

Nina Simone: Remixes / South Street
A1. Nina Simone: “Here Comes The Sun” (Francois K remix) (8:56)
B1. Nina Simone: “Turn Me On” (Tony Humphries Got U Turned On dub) (7:50)
B2. Nina Simone: “Save Me” (Coldcut remix) (6:38)

Photo: Ron Kroon / Anefo [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons