No Fuss was for all I knew primarily a digital label distinguished by some pretty fly design and a link between some house veterans (JT Donaldson) and up and coming cats. Their vinyl series is a collection of tracks – highlights, I guess – from the digital catalog pressed onto one of those V/As of the sort I rambled on about in the last issue. Most of these tracks have been released digitally in the last year and all within the last 18 months of writing.

Two of them are from Saison, the duo consisting of Leigh Darlow and none other than the well-traveled Matthew Bandy, once and forever part of the Midwest rave scene and a spirited producer for most of the last two decades. Saison’s “Till The Day I Day” (originally released a year ago) is the lead and highlight of the record, with a vocal that will grasp your heart and make it tremble in its cage.

Other highlights include Risk Assessment’s “I Don’t Understand” (originally released October 2018) and the brassy disco of Natasha Kitty Katt‘s “Plenty Good.” A good intro to the label if you don’t know them and as far as the catalog selections go, I think they made the right picks.

V/A: NFRV 003 / No Fuss
A1. Saison – “Till The Day I Die”
A2. Risk Assessment – “I Don’t Understand”
B1. Saison – “The Riff”
B2. Natasha Kitty Katt – “Plenty Good”



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