Noleian Reusse: First Generation

Cosmic 8bit space Techno from Chicago's Noleian Reusse makes for a compelling EP on Bio Rhythm.

Chicago’s Noleian Reusse delivers three tracks of cosmic 8bit space Techno on the new First Generation EP from Bio Rhythm Records.

The title (as illustrated by the video) probably refers more to game consoles than fighter jets, though you can imagine these tracks being beaten on the motherships when Will Smith & Randy Quaid go in for the kill. “Chat Bout” is the business, with sonorous vibes that sound like glass drum pads banging out a stomping rhythm. “Cahokia” reaches back further than the Colecovision, taking inspiration from the mysterious capital of a pre-Columbian civilization situated in modern Southern Illinois. A remix from Bio Rhythm’s Paul du Lac (aka Paul West) wraps this one up nice and tight.

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Noleian Reusse: First Generation (Bio Rhythm Records)
A1. “Cahokia” (6:18)
A2. “Cahokia” (Paul West Mutant Jack dub) (4:47)
B1. “Chat Bout” (4:38)
B2. “Beet Juice” (4:16)