Norm Talley launches Upstairs Asylum with all-star “Det-313” EP

If this were summer this would be the underground basement smash of the year...

There is something so satisfying about seeing a record you know is going to be good and it still exceeds your expectations. Word came through the pipeline that Norm Talley was starting a new label called Upstairs Asylum and the first two are already in circulation. The debut is Det-313 EP, a two track record with a slew of legendary names and a common denominator named “Norm Talley” threaded throughout. As Norm told Detroit Electronic Quarterly, “There are always different versions/mixes of a track that I would like to play and have on vinyl. These two tracks [on Det-313] are an example of that.”

The A-side is “Muggy Detroit Heat,” the centerpiece of a free EP circulated several years ago and produced, it was said then, “using Roland Boutique synths” in Omar-S’s backyard. The title and claustrophobic sound of Norm Talley’s mix capture something that everyone with an academic understanding always misses about music made in this place, and that’s that it gets fucking hot in the upper Midwest in August, unbearably so, and the air gets so thick with sweat, moisture, ragweed and pollen that it changes the way people move, think and their state of consciousness when they’re indoors. It’s dope is what we’re saying.

I don’t know if there’s a similar origin story for “Jus Hangin,” a record listed as being produced by Norm Talley with Moodymann, “mashed up” by French DJ and producer D’Julz and featuring Charlotte OC (known in these parts for collabs with Jazzanova and Moodymann on the ethereal and haunting “Hangover” upon which this is “mashed”). The spiky 808 percussion gives this one some backbone. If this were summer this would be the underground basement smash of the year. Season and pandemic pending it’s merely an absolute beauty of a debut from one of our best DJs and producers.

Norm Talley, Omar-S, Moodymann, D’Julz, Charlotte OC: Det-313 EP (Upstairs Asylum / February 2021 / 12″ Vinyl)
A1. Omar S/Norm Talley: “Muggy Detroit Heat” (5:56)
B1. Norm Talley/Moodymann: “Jus Hangin” (feat Charlotte OC – mashed up by D’Julz) (7:21)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.



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