Yikes, I had no idea this was Victor Simonelli when I first heard it – actually, not an inkling until getting ready to write this up. NY’s Finest is one of Simonelli’s many aliases (most well-worn from the seven billion variations of “Do You Feel Me?”), and Samann from Traxx Underground has pressed them up on lustrous black wax for your edification.

“I Can’t Wait Till Tonight” is scorching: piano stabs getting lost in a thick blanket of wild percussion and crashing hats with indistinct diva screams soaring above the mess. What can I say? – I love this stuff, and you won’t convince me that House Music should sound any other way.

“I Can’t Stop This Feeling” is just subversive: it starts out as a traditional R&B-sounding track before devolving into a breakdown of buzzing FX and orgasmic moans. You might want to consider it New York City’s (or at least Simonelli’s) answer to “French Kiss” – it’s the same principle, though more subtle with “I Can’t Stop” as you suddenly find yourself in immersed in a porno ADR session. The Dub gets you to the payoff (or money shot?) faster, but – as in all things of this nature – the journey is the reward.