Occidental: Pariah Dreams

Stunning sleazy acid sophomore release from the Deep Club crew in Denver.

There was a time when Acid could be sleazy, when Techno could be something other than “angry” or “ponderous” or sound like the soundtrack for a silent film about black and white landscape photography. That time is now: Occidental has released a phenomenal EP on newish label Deep Club out of Denver that hits every button – even the buttons covered in grime and rust and cracked down the center from a long period of neglect. “Let’s Play” blends porno samples with a slow groove and a seemingly endless acid line that fades in, fades out, tries to get melodic and then falls back into a deep sullen churn. This is over-the-top, bordering on lunacy and yet completely satisfying. Side B should have just been another copy of Side A, but “I Have Always” gives you a breather with warm and atmospheric techno. With this follow up from a bright and eclectic Various Artists debut, Deep Club is doing a superb job highlighting some of the talented people in their circle.


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