Some tracks you love, you’re grateful were made to brighten your day and lift your spirit up. Other tracks — they had to be made. This is one of the latter. “Legendary Runway” is a track paying homage to iconic fashion model Pat Cleveland, the “Josephine Baker of the runway” who “partied with Andy Warhol, lived with Karl Lagerfeld, inspired Salvador Dalí, refused Muhammed Ali’s proposal, and took on the fashion industry for not representing black models on the cover of magazines and on the runway in the early ’70s.”

That last line is from The Girl from 7th Avenue – Pat Cleveland and the Runway Revolution, an animated film which includes one of the mixes of “Legendary Runway” on its soundtrack. The last track I listened to before this had a lyric video and AI-generated grey goo artwork. This one has 2,000 hand-painted watercolors and transcontinental premieres. This shit is important.

One A is Gehno Aviance, part of the equally legendary House of Aviance and musically Gehno has made a monster. “Legendary Runway” is sophisticated, sculpted house music, referencing the past but only snatching the best parts of it. Cleveland is a living link to it — the first vogue session on a runway by Cleveland and the “Girls from 7th Avenue” at the Battle of Versailles fashion show in 1973.

From the outside, one thinks of fashion and runway and the ball scene and imagines a music that’s light and airy. “Legendary Runway” though has that big bottom, that bassline that wants to eat you alive, that seismic stomp of a Henry Street-era Robbie Tronco or Junior Vasquez track (though without the Ellis D vocal). The deeper “Deep At The Function” mix is what does it for me but either of these have the energy that your set so desperately needs.

Cover art: “Iterations of Pat” by Antonio Contreras Aviance.

⚪️ Tracklisting

One A ft Pat Cleveland: Legendary Runway (Koritsi Komma Records / Unicorn Breeding Ground / Digital / April 2023)
1. One A.: Legendary Runway featuring Pat Cleveland (Original Mix) (05:53)
2. One A.: Legendary Runway featuring Pat Cleveland (Take It To The Runway Mix) (05:01)
3. One A.: Legendary Runway featuring Pat Cleveland (UBG Remix) (05:41)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was submitted as a promo.


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